Last Mile is a social business, meaning that creating impact drives what we do. We have developed a model that creates impact at every stage, including for consumers and sales agents. The Last Mile impact is two-fold: improved access and improved livelihoods.

Simply by getting products into the hands of people who need them at an affordable price, Last Mile creates impact across a wide range of sectors. Each of our products are specifically designed to improve the lives of low-income families and households, with outcomes including improved health, improved safety, financial savings and reduction in both waste and air pollution. 

Products Last Mile agents are currently selling include solar-powered lights and home lighting systems, nutritional supplements, ceramic water filters, clean cooking stoves and reusable feminine hygiene products.



  • Each product sold contributes to positive social change, improve the lives of the people and households who use them and solving every-day challenges

  • Many of our products also improve the health of our consumers

  • Investing in women and youth creates an empowered workforce with skills and confidence to reach their potential.



  • All of our products result in money-saving benefits for our consumers, helping them to save for the things that matter

  • Local sales agents have great earning potential including performance bonuses, creating economic empowerment and opportunity



  • Distribution of renewable energy solutions, including solar lamps, home lighting systems and clean cooking stoves, contributes towards positive environmental outcomes.

  • Reusable feminine hygiene products reduce waste associated with disposable products.