The Mission

Our mission is to improve access to life-changing products to the last mile.

Our vision for the future is that every low and middle-income household in Tanzania has access to the products they need to improve their lives. 


The Purpose

In Tanzania, 35% of children under the age of five years are stunted due to malnutrition. On average 1 in 5 girls miss school each month due to menstruation. Over 75% of Tanzanians go without power. 46% of Tanzanians do not have a clean water supply. Yet, proven solutions to these challenges exist. They even exist within Tanzania, but they are not reaching the people they were designed and built to serve. The problem is ACCESS.  With only 15% of roads paved in Tanzania, it is simply too difficult and too expensive for suppliers to reach the last mile. 

We believe that no one should go without the opportunity to improve their lives or the lives of their families simply because they live too far away. So we're is doing something about it. Last Mile provides a wide-reaching, mobile network of trained, sales local agents equipped with proven poverty solutions, or "life-changing products." We recruit and train local youth and women from communities across the Kilimanjaro Region to be sales agents for their own communities, improving access to affordable, life-changing products while earning a commission on each sale.


The Model



We recruit local youth and women to become Last Mile sales agents in their own communities.

Skills Training

Last Mile agents develop new skills and capacity, and earn commission on every sale, improving their livelihoods.

Life-changing products

Consumers benefit from access to the products that solve their everyday challenges.